Why Should I Engage A Coach?

coaching connection leadership strong leader Dec 16, 2022
What is business coaching

A coach can provide critical support and guidance for any level of leader. Emerging, mid-level and senior leaders can all gain new depths of knowledge from a tailored coaching program. As a result, they may learn to navigate their own challenges, improve motivation, and develop greater empathy and awareness, which leads to enhanced leadership abilities. In order to develop a high-performing team that is engaged and motivated, coaching will play a critical role and should become an integral part of professional development.

A Coach believes in you and your potential.

One of the biggest issues in people that we see as coaches is a lack of confidence and that dreaded feeling of failure. By asking lots of questions, a coach will help you identify why you may lack confidence, fear failure and identify weaknesses that need improvement. Coaching will provide you with the support, resources and strategies to overcome these issues and together you'll create a plan of action that will outline what you need to do and how you should proceed.

A Coach will hold you accountable.

Having a coach hold you accountable is an excellent motivator for some, but for others, it can be frustrating. As professionals, we want someone to support and encourage us to reach our goals, not tell us what to do. Essentially, a coach is your accountability partner. Assigning tasks, inspiring, motivating, and encouraging are all examples of accountability. Your coach will ask you to give an update on your progress every coaching session. You might be tempted to make excuses for why you did not stick to the plan, but your coach will help you take responsibility for what was accomplished and reevaluate the plan as necessary.

A Coach will push you out of your comfort zone.

To enable us to grow, we have to be disciplined and prepared to push ourselves out of our comfort zones. We all get very used to doing things in our own particular way and it can be difficult to break these habits. Habits take time to change. A Coach will encourage, guide and support you when you take the steps to break these habits.

A Coach will broaden your thinking.

Coaches will ask you many probing questions, which will expand the way you think about things. You will begin to view some things in a different light. As a result, your vision gets bigger, your thinking expands and your attitude will also change.

A Coach helps you build self-awareness.

Identifying your weaknesses is one of the first steps you will take with your coach. It is a great starting point on your self-awareness journey. These weaknesses might be areas in your work or persona that you don't see that need to be improved on. With the help of your coach, you can work on these areas together in order to improve and grow. You will be well on your way to unlocking your potential.