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Data often surpasses intuition and safeguards against biased influences in critical decision-making. Numerous studies have shown us the unfortunate limitations of human intuition and the benefits of using data-driven approaches in decision-making processes. For example, research in cognitive psychology has shown that human intuition can be prone to cognitive biases, such as confirmation bias or availability heuristics, which can lead to errors and suboptimal decisions. On the other hand, relying on data and systematic analysis can help reduce biases, provide objective information, and increase the likelihood of making informed choices. 

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Kinetik Global is a trusted provider, offering a diverse range of comprehensive and well-established psychometric testing services. Our assessment tools for psychometric profiling are a practical way to start your own, or your team's professional development, or to assist you with your recruitment and selection processes. Our psychometrics cover areas such as:

  • Personality
  • Thinking style
  • Behavioural style
  • Workplace competencies
  • Leadership style
  • Motivation
  • Recruitment
  • Job performance 
The Benefits Of Using Assessments

Our leadership assessment services are also tailored to optimise the outcomes of our coaching programs. 

We understand the importance of accurate psychometric testing to make informed decisions about your career, employees, and organisation. Our experienced professionals use the latest techniques and technologies to deliver reliable and accurate results. Read on to discover six reasons why you should use assessments.

Investing in emotional intelligence can bring significant returns on investment (ROI) in terms of leadership growth, as well as team performance. Calculate what your ROI could be from assessing and developing emotional intelligence in your leaders using this handy Genos ROI calculator.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Use Them

Improve Recruitment 

Finding the perfect fit for a role in your organisation is vital. By utilising profiling assessments, you can proactively identify the strengths and potential risks of job applicants, enabling rational, unbiased and data-informed recruitment decisions.      

Exceptional Leaders

Creating a top-tier leadership team is challenging. Sustaining their dexterity demands ongoing awareness and skill development. Assessments can pinpoint areas for improvement, empowering your leaders to become exceptional.

Build Synergistic Teams

Dysfunctional teams can create significant hurdles, making collaboration and productivity difficult. By understanding personality types and traits, teams can learn to thrive effortlessly, working together towards collective success.

Retain Your Talent

Aligning objectives with core motivations is vital for superior performance and results. Understanding natural motivators empowers your people to pursue the right opportunities, leading to increased employee satisfaction, engagement, and a sense of purpose in making a meaningful difference.

Stronger Relationships

How are your actions and intentions seen by those you work with? Understanding how your behaviour impacts others is essential for effective leadership. Gain valuable insights through feedback, and enhance your leadership approach by developing a thorough understanding of how others perceive your actions.

Discover Core Strengths

To become an exceptional team member, dedication alone won't be enough. It's key to exceed expectations and bring added value. This entails utilising your core skills that are beyond technical expertise, allowing your unique qualities to shine and define your true potential. Find out what they really are and you'll be dynamite!

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