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Securely seated in the Kinetik Global driver's seat is founder and High Performance Coach, Samantha D’Angelo. Sam is a dynamic, outcome-focused professional and former State League netball player, who wholeheartedly believes that leadership is about connecting with the human element. Sam brings high energy, tenacity, and drive to her mission of helping emerging and first-line managers transform into peak performance leaders.

Sam’s mission, and that of Kinetik Global, is to take emerging and first-line managers on an eye-opening road trip towards leadership development. By setting their wheels in motion, Sam guides and supports budding leaders along their evolving expedition, providing them with the tools and know-how to navigate and explore their way to full leadership potential. Through personalised and flexible development programs, Sam empowers managers to not "just manage", but to connect, lead and inspire their teams successfully.

With a wealth of experience in human development and human resources, Sam has been a strategic partner to some of the world's largest multinational senior leadership teams globally. She has witnessed firsthand the all-too-common struggles emerging and first-line managers and their organisations face, and the substantial cost, from decreased productivity, and employee disengagement, through to missed growth opportunities, by neglecting this critical transition.

At Kinetik Global, we live by the mantra "Connection Over Perfection." People are at the heart of leadership, with dreams, fears, and aspirations.  “Connection Over Perfection” is about forging deep connections and nurturing raw, authentic engagements. Striving for perfection all the time is stressful, exhausting and quite frankly, unhealthy. "Connection Over Perfection" is at the core of all our relationships, both business and otherwise. Correspondingly, things should be simple, meaningful, relevant, and most importantly, fun!

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