About Us & Our Values

About kinetik global


Our mantra at kinetik global is Connection Over Perfection. This resonates with many and interpretations vary greatly.

Let us take a moment to explain our meaning and the application of Connection Over Perfection.

People are at the heart of leadership. Human beings with dreams, fears, concerns and aspirations. Part of our role as leaders is to help our people achieve their highest potential.

Whilst there are many models of leadership, a myriad of training courses and an abundance of ‘how-to guides’ to turn you into an outstanding leader, we believe the secret sauce of leadership is connection.

When we lead with connection, we see the human in all that we do. We strive for deep interaction; we seek out engagements that are real and raw.

Of course, all your leadership models along with skills, knowledge and training are important, however, these should complement the interaction, not be the primary source of it.

Striving for perfection is stressful and exhausting. It stifles creativity, causes ineffective barriers and can severely impact psychological safety. This does not sound like a good recipe for high performance.

As professional development specialists, Connection Over Perfection is at the core of all our relationships, both business and otherwise. Correspondingly, things should be simple, meaningful, relevant, and most importantly, fun!

We aspire to build and nurture strong connected relationships. We place immense pride in getting to know our community and providing needs-specific, trusted solutions with tangible outcomes. We congenially connect our community with other like-minded organisations that further supports the development of strong and connected business relationships.

Our Values


We operate to the highest levels of integrity in all that we do


We foster strong relationships built on a foundation of trust


We are courageous and innovative to achieve the greatest outcomes


We focus on leadership and connection to drive high performance


We embrace ethical change