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The most valuable way to effect change and drive growth at all levels is to develop people from the bottom up. Our solutions focus on developing the skills needed by your people regardless of where they are in their career. There is a program to suit everyone. Our training and development products make learning seamless and create powerful results for both individuals, groups and teams. You can look forward to confident employees at any level with empowered mindsets and the motivation for real progress. As an added bonus, your people will be engaged, inspired and feel trusted and respected.

As professional development specialists, kinetik global offer a wide range of learning solutions that integrate consistent results with your business needs. We offer personalised programs that focus on everyday workplace pain points and challenges. Our programs create a cohesive learning experience tailored to your organisation's strategy, culture, and people.

Some benefits of group training programs include:

Training is too often thought of in an individual context, and some organisations don't want to take whole teams out for training. However, group training can save money, time and increase productivity. Training means better performance, and better performance means your business will run more smoothly as a result.

In a group setting, there are multiple brains at work. Group training encourages employees to contribute more, share their ideas, and have constructive discussions. Employees will learn more from their colleagues' questions and ideas. Group discussions also tend to focus people's attention and keep them more engaged in the session.

Time Efficient
In today's busy world every minute is money. Training a group of employees is not only cost-effective but also cuts down on the total amount of time away from work. Training your people in groups will upskill them faster and creates less non-productive downtime.

Team Building
A major benefit of group training is that it helps employees connect and engage with their colleagues and the trainer. A group training session encourages employees to ask more questions, share their suggestions, and mingle with their colleagues. Training employees in a group works as an excellent open forum as well.

Supported Learning
Group training ensures that everyone learns the same information and receives the same tools and resources. It is possible that some employees may not fully comprehend how to apply what they have learned. This could be due to the different learning styles of individuals. In their workplace setting, some employees may have difficulty putting elements into practice. Because they were trained in a group, they can now seek additional guidance and support from their peers, which will help cement and strengthen their learning and refine their implementation.

Increased Productivity
A vast majority of successful companies prefer to train employees in groups rather than individually. Group training of short courses helps to boost the productivity of the organisation and is regarded as best practice to upskill employees.

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Training Courses
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