Ambitious Development Program

Looking to break through your leadership barriers?

In this program, you will work with an experienced coach on a bespoke program personalised and tailored to your needs. You will discuss solutions to real challenges you are facing and work on strategies that you can immediately implement to lead with impact.

Our Ambitious Development Program entails:

  A pre-program questionnaire so we can get to know you, understand your needs and challenges, prepare for your program and ultimately maximise the time we have together
✅  A pre-program Psychometric Leadership Assessment to further enhance your readiness for leadership success (this measures 25 critical leadership skills)
✅  A pre-program Psychometric Assessment on Emotional Intelligence and DISC
✅  An extensive debrief of all psychometric assessments at the start of the program with ongoing review throughout the program
✅  A bespoke 3 month immersive coaching program, tailored specifically to your needs and challenges
✅  A solid understanding of key leadership concepts essential for success and what best practice leadership looks like
✅  Enhanced Self-Awareness and Leadership Awareness, including concepts such as values, beliefs, purpose, strengths and habits
✅  A clear understanding of your current challenges and factors contributing to these
✅  A foundational understanding of leadership skills and tools to help you address your challenges
✅  Assistance to set goals that help overcome your challenges, along with goals for your leadership evolution
✅  Support to identify an action plan to accomplish your goals
✅  Ongoing coaching to support you in your pursuit of goal attainment
✅  Coaching on any challenges you may be facing including challenges around ambition, perfectionism, fear of failure, procrastination or
✅  Time and energy management tools for peak performance
✅  Empowerment strategies for confident leadership and goal attainment
✅  Tools and templates to assist you with your goal accomplishment and leadership
✅  Access to the First Time Manager community group

Program Structure

🚦A 1 hour session every fortnight for 3 months
🚦Unlimited support in between sessions for skill implementation and
     habit building

🚦EQ and DISC Psychometric Assessment with 2 hour debrief
🚦Complimentary Leadership Competency Assessment 

 Community Access

🙆🏽‍♀️🙆‍♂️Access to the First Time Manager community group

Program outcomes:

By the end of this intensive 3-month program, you'll have gained profound insights and developed crucial skills for effective leadership, you'll possess the tools and strategies needed to navigate challenges, foster collaboration, and achieve success in your leadership role. This program is designed to equip you with a focused set of skills and knowledge to lead confidently and make a positive impact on your team and organisation.

** If our programs don't quite hit the mark for what you need, just let us know.  Everything is customisable and can be tweaked to suit your specific needs.

 What sets us apart?

All our development programs are uniquely customised to deal with your challenges. We don’t offer cookie-cutter programs. Instead, we listen to your requirements and customise our time together to ensure you have an impactful experience that will launch you forward with a solid plan and plenty of enthusiasm. Whilst this program is for 3 months, our support doesn’t stop there. We will be cheering you on and happy to answer your questions even after your program has ended. If we have resources that we think you will benefit from then we will send these through as we come across them.  That’s how invested we are in seeing you win.

What are our other clients saying about programs?

 🌟 "The program was very effective and informative. It'll definitely come
       in handy to my role." -  Adama

 🌟 "It was excellent." - Keiron

Please note:

🖥️  Programs are run using Zoom or Teams.
💲  Program pricing includes any applicable GST/taxes.

$4,400.00 AUD

3 monthly payments

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