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Leadership Video Series


The KinetiK Global Leadership Video Series has been developed to support leaders and compliment our coaching programs.

The series also provides discerning coaching advice for those who prefer to listen and learn in their own time and can be purchased as a standalone product.

This fantastic online resource features 50 of the most common leadership challenges that you may face and provides thought provoking strategies and ideas to open your mind.

The videos fall under four main leadership categories:

Strategy - Set a Solid Foundation
This category focuses on goals, strategy, planning and structure.

Capability - Accelerate Your Career
This categories focuses on communication, relationships, problem solving, leadership styles and emotional intelligence. 

Execution - Learn To Thrive
This category focuses on managing yourself, conflict resolution, improving productivity and coaching  your team

Impact - Leave Your Legacy
This category focuses on mindfulness, bias, strengths, feedback, mental health and key performance indicators.

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